Why More Businesses are Starting Podcasts for their Employees

There are a lot of benefits for a business to start a podcast. Companies have been starting podcasts to improve and expand upon their brands. Podcasts don’t have to be just for a company’s brand. Businesses create podcasts to manage their daily business activities as well. This includes employers making podcasts specifically for their employees. 

Why Would a Business Want to Start a Podcast for their Employees? 

Now you may ask, why would an employer want to start a podcast for their employees? Interaction and engagement amongst people are becoming decreasing due to technology. This is happening amongst companies and employees in the workforce. Due to social media platforms and technology such as cell phones, communication between employers and employees are now digitized. This can cause certain employees to disengage from what is going on in their company. 

How Employees become Disengaged from what is Going on in their Workplace?

Dispersed and remote workers are more at risk of losing engagement in the workplace. That is because dispersed and remote workers are not required to complete their jobs in a physical facility. These workers can start to feel isolated from what is going on within their company. It can become difficult for these types of workers to stay updated on information that is being shared within their organization. Creating a podcast where this information can be easily shared would help workers be more in tune with the company culture. \

Companies who Created Podcasts for their Employees

Trader Joe’s has their own podcast called “Inside Trader Joe’s.” The podcast became very popular based on its storytelling nature. The podcast included updated information and activities that were going on in the company. In addition to that, it included other content such as tips for customers and information on how to use their products. This type of content kept the employees interested in the podcast. 

McDonald’s has a podcast called “The Sauce.” It was created to address a public relations issue the company had at one point. McDonald’s had an issue where there was a limited supply of a popular sauce is sold. The podcast helped to address the problem and to help Mcdonald’s’ brand. 

How to Create a Podcast for Employees

Do you think creating a podcast for your employees will be beneficial to your company? If so, here’s how to start one. After figuring out your startup costs and a recording schedule, figure out how will your podcast be recorded. Deciding on a particular format of the show will help benefit your employees. Decide if you will just focus on your company’s internal communications or add other content. Figure out if you will have some of your employees on your show. Tailoring your podcast to fit the needs of your employees can guarantee it will help them stay engaged in the company’s day to day activities. 


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