In today’s world, more and more businesses and
corporations are utilizing podcasting as a medium to communicate with current and potential employees as well as target audience members.

Marriott International captured audiences attention with their podcast, The Wandernaut Show, by sharing facts of the company’s history, ways that the employees are treated, and how welcoming they are to all of their guests.

The podcast immensely helped Marriott International expand and maintain their employment rate. Debbie Marriott Harrison, granddaughter of founder John Willard Marriott, went on record as a guest on The Wandernaut Show and spoke about how her grandfather would walk around the hotel shaking the hand of every last employee and get to know them.

She stated that one of the house keepers spoke to her grandfather about a housekeeping training program which her grandfather agreed would be a great idea and thus, The Wandernaut Show was born.

As of December 2018, a total of 176,000 people are employed by Marriott International. The podcast has brought in a number of current millennial employees who have offered a type of mindset on new perspectives and more diverse ideas. This was very important to Marriott International as they are huge on diversity in the workplace.

The Wandernaut Show has brought so many more guests to local Marriott locations, leading to a higher success rate. Host of the podcast, Alex Wandernaut, went from one hotel to the next to find out exactly what the employees were like.

He stated the employees were always smiling and in a good mood, they would say things like “At my hotel” which made guests feel even more at home and keeps them coming back.

For those who haven’t chosen Marriott and want to know what they’re all about, give The Wandernaut Show a listen and you’ll find exactly what you’re missing out on.

All claims made in this article can be found in The Wandernaut Show