At this point, I’m sure it’s safe to say everyone has heard of Trader Joe’s. People will rave about how they found their way to their favorite food item in the store and swear they now can’t live without it. But did you know they have a podcast too? Inside Trader Joe’s takes you on a journey through the companies values and ethics, making sure listeners know how different they are from any other grocery store.

Inside Trader Joe’s was intended to be a 5 episode podcast but listeners enjoyed the podcast so much that as of November 18, 2019, Episode 19 is available at along with previous episodes. This podcast is co-hosted by Tara Miller, Director of Words, Phrases, and Clauses and Matt Sloan with Product Marketing.

In episode 6 Matt says, “We’re as surprised as anyone by the response to Season 1”. Tara follows up by saying, “We didn’t know it was Season 1 at the time. We just thought it was a five-part podcast series”. Matt explains that as long as listeners are willing to share stories of their experiences at Trader Joe’s, the series will continue. 

Trader Joe’s is an extremely customer-oriented store. Nikki with Customer Relations even goes into detail on how she’s had conversations with customers that have been shopping for anywhere between 20 to 40 years. What makes Trader Joe’s special is that as shoppers children get older new conversations arise such as, “ I remember shopping with my parents at Trader Joe’s, I grew up in this store…” Nikki finds these interactions especially personally.

Trader Joe’s has a saying, “Our store is our brand”. I’d believe someone if they told me their crew members mumble the phrase in their sleep. Their brand logo goes on absolutely everything. This makes it very important that they standby the products they’re selling and Sabrina Wildermuth, Director of Nutrition makes sure only the best ingredients are included for families to consume. Things that are excluded from shelves are ingredients such as artificial flavors, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, MSG and artificial colorings such as reds and yellows. “Our crew goes just about everywhere.. around the globe on a weekly basis for new food discoveries. At Trader Joe’s we really do discover cultures of the world through food”, Tara Miller, Episode 9.

Trader Joe’s likes to be involved in their store’s community. In episode 5, crew member Bryan Palbaum explains the Neighborhood Shares Program. “We have this product (food item) that maybe it’s past the code date, maybe it’s got a blemish, but it’s perfectly good and wholesome for people to eat. We know.. there’s a lack of food for a lot of people. We want to share (food) with the neighborhoods within which our stores are located.”

Store products are very carefully controlled. Not even their selection of nuts collect dust. They acknowledge customers on a level of appreciation past gross profit and strive to make sure they stand out from any regular old grocery store.