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“The Press Play Studios team has been behind every single part of the process for our podcast. We came to the table with the idea of real talk around business and they facilitated every other detail from recording, to editing, to consulting through the process. The quality has been above and beyond and we truly consider them our podcast partners.” Jordan Lacenski

Founder , Brand Boss Creative and She Wolf Collaborative

“Press Play Studios is an affordable and professional choice for anyone who wants to podcast or record music. When we started Gate City Live podcast a year ago, they helped me every step of the way! The downtown location is very convenient for me and my guests.” April Harris

Principal, New City Ventures

“Press Play Studios has been an incredible resource and ‘home’ to Gate City Chatter.  The studio’s equipment is of top quality and they have consistently expanded the technological inventory allowing for our podcast to grow into new mediums.  Press Play owner and manager, Brody Cohen-Glaze, is a true professional and provides us with high quality engineering and flexible scheduling.  Press Play Studios is invaluable to our podcast’s success and I would encourage any future podcast host to use the studio to launch or improve their show.” Josh Sherrick

Arts and Events Superintendent, City of Greensboro

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The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast
The SheWolf Show Podcast


We will help you move from podcast concept to launching your first episode. We are here to advise you every step of the way. We will advise you on best practices from guest booking to how many episodes to release on your launch date..

Studio Recording

We have created a relaxed and inspiring environment where you can record your podcast. We handle the equipment, engineering, and editing while you focus on your content.

Professional Editing

We offer professional editing services from editing out ums, hesitations and mistakes to editing in sponsor spots and a canned intro/outro.


We take care of setting up your podcast hosting. This includes your show description and cover art. Submitting and working through the approval process to get your podcast live on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and more.

Live Stream

We have two LED light panels and tripods to set up your live streaming device whether it is a phone or tablet. We also have backdrops available. We help you create the vibe that resonates with your audience.

Remote Guests

We have two remote options including Zoom chat and phone. We provide a Zoom link for your guest as well as an LED monitor to view your guest on during recording.

Video Recording

We have a gimbal that can be used with any phone to take video. We also have a Canon Rebel T6i with a 50mm Canon lens. All you need to do is bring your phone or SD card.


We provide free consultations to our clients where we discuss advertising options available including setting up a Patreon and best practices for finding sponsors. Note: Most podcasts have to grow in engagement before sponsorship options are available.

Studio Rental & Season Packages

Other Services to Consider